Conferences could take support of media partners for the spreading the conference agenda, date and venue. Media partners could an Electronic Media, Digital Media or Print Media and they can support us from any country. Conference indexing sites are considered to be digital media partners, who index our event and support in the success of our conference. For every conference media persons, who support us throughout our event, are invited and could register as special delegates. It could be a mutual understanding and this could lead a benefit each other organizations with an equal endorsement.

Eventida enables users to receive free email notifications about Conferences, Seminars or Workshops of their chosen topics in locations of their select. This unique platform, designed by Eventida is a leading Conference, Event, Seminar, Webinar & Workshop listing provider, lets organizers add their Conferences, Events, Seminars, Webinars & Workshops for free. This means, organizers can provide information about their event to thousands of academicians, research scholars or respective industry leaders worldwide for no cost at all. Hence, they can create more awareness about their event to targeted users in a short notice.

For more details: https://www.eventida.com/


EventOrb is a nifty event marketing service that allows promoters to do a number of promotional activities, such as Create unlimited events, Add photos from the event before or after it has taken place, Add videos of the event and  Search for events all around the world by proximity, date, time of day or category.

For more details: http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/


Events.org is a premiere software management and consulting company, providing on-demand software and services to charities, schools, universities and non-profit foundations across the nation. Events.org currently supports over 800 non-profit organizations in the United States and worldwide. Events.org provides Internet enabled on-demand software and services that allow organizations to reach a wider audience with integrated on-line and off-line event registration management software; online, live, silent, and interactive auction software; complete donor management software solutions; secure payment processing; and an exclusive calendar of current non-profit events from around the country.

For more details: http://www.events.org/


Good health is extremely vital to human happiness and well-being… Healthy people normally live longer, are more productive and have a prosperous life. Keeping an efficient and prompt communication with doctors is essential to ensure that we take necessary care of our health. This ultimately leads to a better quality of life. Realizing that a solid communication barrier existed between people and doctors, preventing patients from finding their most suitable physician, Tabeeby emerged with the specific goal of breaking this barrier. 2012-2016 – Tabeeby: the leading online Medical Directory in the Middle East. Within a few years of its launch, Tabeeby has taken the charge and is in the pole position. They have now over 5,000 doctors and healthcare providers from all over the world, attracted more than a million visitors annually and well over 200,000 followers on social media networks.

For more details: https://tabeeby.com/


This conference ranking has been created as part of the Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA). The ranking was created by Australian deans and the Australian Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia.

For more details: http://www.conferenceranks.com/


Business1.com is the leading global B2B platform with 80 international industry portals. It serves millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Business1.com’s mission is to make it easy for companies for generating leads anywhere, anytime. Business1.com is located in the Netherlands and has exclusive sales and marketing partners on all continents and in key markets, giving solid business advice to more than 1 million companies.


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Eixil Group

Eixil Group creates a positive perception for Brands, Products, Services, Profile and Reputation of companies. It is this perception and image of Brands or Products, which makes companies to get in to a positive and clear approach. Eixil Group is a 360 Degree Promotion, Marketing, Branding, PR and Reputation Management Company, which deals into promoting via Print, Electronic, Digital, Outdoor Activities and Campaigns, Events, Online-Internet-Web or by ATL-BTL Activities and Campaigns.

For more details: www.eixil.com; www.ashugaur.com

About Aquilus International

Aquilus International promotes, support and facilitate the development of scientific research to understand and harness the potentiality of research innovations.

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