New Approaches and Current Research in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources and power generation, encouragement by a government as well as at a personal level, comparison of fossil fuels use and renewable power, opinions for encouragement, leads for encouraging renewable energy growth with financial incentives, global warming problem and renewable energy as an option and public financial contribution towards lowering global warming. It was observed that the public has considerable awareness of the sources of the energy. It confirms from the data that the public understands mostly that renewable energy is the nonpolluting source and going for utilization of renewable energy is a very good idea. It was also clear that people knew about wind and atomic energy generation systems. Among the renewable energy sources, it was found that public opinion supported wind energy as the best option for generating energy. As for the comparison of the energy generated from the renewable energy with that from fossil fuel public opinion was that renewable energy was much better. Engineering communities in universities and private companies are putting many resources into the development of efficient renewable energy technologies, and clean tech development is furthermore receiving political focus in environmental and research policies.

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Aquilus International promotes, support and facilitate the development of scientific research to understand and harness the potentiality of research innovations.

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