Industrial Applications of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has increasingly attracted public and policy attention particularly for its potential to contribute to reductions in GHG emissions. Most interest has focused on the use of renewables in power generation and as biofuels. The industrial sectors of many emerging economies are developing rapidly. It is important that they do so in a sustainable way. They need to be encouraged to leapfrog to climate-friendly technologies if they are to avoid locking themselves into long-lasting, inefficient and polluting technologies for decades to come. Manufacturing industry accounts for about one-third of total energy use worldwide. Roughly three-quarters of industrial energy use is related to the production of energy-intensive commodities such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemicals and petrochemicals, non-metallic mineral materials, and pulp and paper. In these sectors, energy costs constitute a large proportion of total production costs, so managers pay particular attention to driving them down. A small power generating system by using renewable energy sources, wind and solar by means of pumped-storage to replace the wind and/or solar power systems with a battery bank energy storage. The energy efficiency of wind and solar pumped-storage power generation system, and it demonstrates that it is well suited for remote residential applications with intermittent wind and/or solar energy.



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