Renewable Energy Systems and Sources as Wave Energy

Wave energy is a renewable energy source, RES, and it is one of the 3 types of water energy. Waves are caused by winds blowing across the surface of the sea. The wind energy is transferred to the waves and thus the stronger the wind is the more energy is into the waves. So wave energy is the energy contained in the waves. Wave Energy is proportional to the square of the height of the wave and the wave height is inversely proportional to the depth of the water, so this automatically means that the waves near the coast carry the most energy. Wave Energy is a Renewable Energy Source, it has a great potential and can be the source of many innovations as more efficient and less costly WECs would be required to capture this immense energy carried by the waves around the world. Wave Energy is perceived to be a non-polluting and renewable source of energy, especially in relation to harmful emissions as during their normal operation, wave energy devices produce none of the atmospheric greenhouse gas type pollutants and emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides commonly associated with burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. The major benefits of using renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, wave, tidal and biomass in terms of their impact on energy efficiency and climate change, as well as the security of having, a long-term energy supply. These renewable energy sources are also important because they reduce our dependence on carbon based fossil fuels, enhance energy efficiency, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

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